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We specialise in aiding public digital transformation of developing countries, leveraging fit for purpose Digital Public Infrastructures on top of National ID platforms. Through our expertise, we strive to reinforce government agencies, startups and NGOs with the necessary tools for success towards their Digital Transformation making sure they can align with the UN’s 16.9 Sustainable Development Goals

Bridging the gaps of Digital Transformation

In 2021, ID30 was born out of dire necessity to address the obvious gap between tech solutions and practical needs of developing countries. 

Our goal is to help nations define and create solutions that can be rolled out to the last mile.  We may identify the required technology, and if it doesn’t exist, nurture it so that it can emerge. Our designs are sustainable, inclusive and pragmatic, making sure that they can be implemented and immediately used by All.

Who we help

Depending on where and who you are on the digital transformation journey, ID30 can help you build a successful, sustainable and pragmatic digital solution that will roll out smoothly. 

Public Authorities

Let ID30 be your partner as you embark on your digital transformation journey.

Allow us to help you uncover, specify, select and implement an ideal digital solution — one that is inclusive and will accommodate even the most remote areas of your nation.


We supports startups developing digital solutions for identification, civil registration, social systems, healthcare, ...

We recognise the remarkable value local innovation can bring to communities and are committed to fostering it.

Solution Providers

We support digital public goods initiatives with an ever-growing portfolio of open-source technology to cater for specific needs in the digital transformation spectrum.

We are uniquely qualified to help open-source technology developers by providing experienced marketing guidance, technical consultation and access to financing.

Our services

Country Assistance

From a simple consultation to designing a full strategy, preparing specification and assisting you until it rolls out nationally.

We will be beside you along your digital transformation journey at every step of the way.

Because we know your constraints, we optimize our service fees so that you can afford to count on us for a long time.

You can try us out and get your first month assistance for free !

Solution Incubation

Our purpose is to cultivate innovations that are effective in even the most remote areas. Specific solutions need to be prepared for the last mile, they may emerge social ROI rather than economical.

As part of our not for profit Lab, we align different solution providers around common innovations filling gaps of inclusion, adapting existing technologies to country environments.

Be part of an ID30 Lab and enlarge options for more inclusion in digital solutions.

Solution Seeding

Open solutions are a gift to the world, but they sometimes need help to be visible to the world and selected by promising adopters.

We support them on their Positioning, Marketing content preparation, Awareness and dissemination, so they can deliver efficiently their messages and engage on qualified opportunities for large scale adoptions.

Benefits of part time senior services to optimize the reach of your adopters.

Who We Are

Drawing on Jaume Dubois’s extensive experience in both National ID platforms and Digital Public Infrastructures, combined with the collective expertise of our partners, ID30 is unrivalled when it comes to providing pragmatic technical solutions specifically tailored for developing nations.

Jaume Dubois

Founder & CEO

For the past 20 years, Jaume Dubois has been developing identity projects in Africa and Latin America. Through his work with Thales on Unique ID Solutions as well as serving as the Senior Vice President of Marketing,Products and Presales at Laxton Group, he established ID30 with a mission to attend to the necessities of emerging nations when it comes to Foundational ID and National Identity Programmes.

Jaume Dubois is an authority in Digital Transformation. Spanning his previous and current roles as a Technology Advisor, speaker at ID4Africa, Identity Week, Trustech; plus advisory functions for Digital Public Goods, Founding member of OSIA, Government advisor for MOSIP implementation in Togo, and Identity Working Group lead at GovStack – He is one of the most polyvalent people in his field.

Jaume is dedicated to something greater than just finding the most effective technological solutions for developing nations; he is committed to ensuring that all people on Earth have access to a digital identity and that the solutions he rolls out are as efficient as possible

We Trust each other

Our main partners, they are the ones we interact with on a day to day basis for the purpose of a common mission

Our Collective Labs partners are multiple, they bring their expertise, their technologies, their resources or their insights to the Labs to let new solutions concepts and prototypes emerge. 

Our Collective Labs


We created a collective; we animate an ecosystem of partners: open source, open standards, institutions, government agencies, technology providers and NGOs to explore solutions for more inclusion, sustainability and efficiency in digital interaction.


Inclusion is the first issue, Reaching the last mile people is reaching the ones who haven’t been yet reached by classical solutions, they are numerous and deserve to be counted.

So it requires inventing something new for them, by leveraging on what’s already available instead of hoping some solution will come in the future.

The second issue is the sustainability of digital solutions, governments can struggle to afford long term investments on systems and need to find solutions for that future money to be spent on new systems instead of existing ones.


Finally, we believe a ROI can be social before being financial. Indeed value will come by reaching Governement objectives with Pragmatic approaches.

In these niches, return on investment is hard to obtain, especially if you’re isolated in the tasks related to building digital ID. So we believe in technical collaboration around innovations for inclusion. 

Our Collective Labs will identity and define innovation for good, then prototype and field-test them thanks to our countries partners. Once fine tuned and confirmed successful they will be proposed and shared to more countries.

These are our Collective Labs addressing the following 3 gaps of digital interactions : On-Boarding, ID-Credentials and ID-Usage


People in remote locations are the most difficult to register.

Asking people to move to a specific place is costly and time consuming for them.

Going to them with current registration kits can be a challenge

They are heavy, difficult to carry in hands, they depends on external energy and come with prerequisites for registration sites.


Our Collective Lab is working on lightweight solutions that could be transported anywhere in any conditions: by foot, by boat or by bicycle.

They would be robust and would have high autonomy. 

They wouldn’t have any setup prerequisites so as to make the enrolment process easy and fast on the spot.


Sophisticated proof of ID (or credentials) are not adapted nor useful to citizens in developing countries (ie. ID Cards equipped with microchips are rarely used and increase the cost of a national ID program tremendously)

Some ID Credentials require hardware, network and infrastructures to be fully used. 

Cost effective digital ID solutions could be envisaged but they depend on a certain degree of literacy within the population to get adopted and understood and still require technologies and infrastructures.


At ID30, we are committed to develop practical and cost-effective solutions for the unique challenges faced by developing countries.

We believe individuals should pick-up the adapted credentials according to their capacities and needs from a scalable portfolio of options, ranging from low-tech for all to sophisticated digital wallets.


Digital services are a great opportunity for nations to increase the quality, efficiency and reach of their services. However, digital services are highly dependent on networks, technology and literacy.

Base services such as identity, education, healthcare and social assistance should be accessible to all, especially in the most remote areas.


At ID30, our Collective Labs are working on standalone multi usage device concepts, that could work in remote areas. These concepts ensure access to basic digital services leveraging low bandwidth networks

For literacy issues, we would come in with reading and typing-less User Experience, notably leveraging AI’s latest progress or simply trained operators.

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