Our Collective Labs

Our labs are Filling the Gaps of digital Interaction, one Citizen at a time

Our Collective Labs are working on the emergence of #inclusive, #efficient and #sustainable solutions.

Below are the 3 axis of work : 

Agile Onboarding Solutions

Our Collective Lab is working on lightweight solutions that could be transported anywhere in any conditions: by foot, by boat or by bicycle.

They would be robust and would have high autonomy.

They wouldn’t have any setup prerequisites so as to make the enrolment process easy and fast on the spot.

Cost Effective ID-Credentials

At ID30, we are committed to developing practical and cost-effective solutions for the unique challenges faced by developing countries.

We believe individuals should pick-up the adapted credentials according to their capacities and needs from a scalable portfolio of options, ranging from low-tech for all, to more sophisticated digital wallets.

Streamlining ID Usage for better services

Digital services are a great opportunity for nations to increase the quality, efficiency and reach of their services. However, they are highly dependent on networks, technology and literacy.

Basic services such as identity, education, healthcare and social assistance should be accessible to all, especially in the most remote areas.

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